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Smoke Detector

Usage Office Buildings, Residential Buildings, Industrial Premises The Optical & Thermal (combined) detector shall confirm to the relevant standards having the following features: 1.The detector shall be UL approved. 2.It shall have smoke sensitivity of 1.9 +/- 0.6 %/ft3.The detector should have fixed temperature rating of 59 deg C and rate of rise of 11.1 C/min 4.The multi detector shall be loop powered and addressed by DIP switches. 5.All the detectors shall have a visible dual blinking LED to indicate the healthiness/ trouble/ alarm condition of the detector. The LED shall be located in such a way that it shall be visible 360ยบ. 6.It shall possess false alarm immunity and a superior signal to noise ratio. 7.It shall be capable of supporting style 7 wiring. 8.It shall have inbuilt drift compensation facility. 9.In case of a failure, panel shall allow to replace the detector with the same type without the need of additional programming. 10.The detector shall change sensitivity settings based on day/night mode or with schedules based on the programming. 11.The detector have at least 3 levels of sensitivity settin



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